The Headshot: A Portrait Photo for the Professional World

Your headshot is your calling card. Make it work for you. Stand out from the crowd!

Headshots can be used for:

  • corporate / business / marketing
  • actor & actress promotion
  • social & dating sites

What makes an Amazing Headshot?

The key to an amazing headshot is displaying your true personality. It communicates your persona and creates connection. This best happens when you aren’t worried about “how you look”. That is why our sessions are built around crazy banter, doing skits and making funny faces. You don’t have to be a model to look good in pictures… you just have to be yourself.

Our Goal

Our goal is to capturing a look that’s unique to you. To promote team YOU

How do you Stand Out from the Rest?

What makes you different and how can you stand out from all the rest? According to Royale Scuderi in a recent LifeHack article (Be Yourself: 6 Ways to Stand Out From the Crowd (

A massive difference isn’t required, but a noticeable one is. Often the simplest differentiation can be the key to establishing your brilliance. Attitude. Be enthusiastic. Be positive. Be engaging. Be passionate. An upbeat, professional attitude stands out.

How can Focus help?

We will create images that stand out. We capture what we call "likability". Likability is displayed in your facial posture, expression and body language. Differentiation and Likability work to engage and hold attention. All of us have singular expressions and gestures that define our personalities. That’s what we’re after... Together we will:

  1. identify and display your likability and what makes you different: brilliance with a smile
  2. highlight your personality and display what makes you different
  3. capture your best side - the look that is unique to you - for all to see
  4. display your passion and enthusiasm - capture the "I want to be with you" feeling
  5. promote confidence and trust - document your positive attitude
  6. showcase your brilliance and inner beauty - display contagious enthusiasm

The Focus Photography Headshot Session

30 minute photography session in our Everett portrait studio.

Our Headshot Package

Two(2) headshot images, white, grey or dark background (high key or low key images.)

A photo gallery of all top images, allowing additional prints and digital download. Digital downloads are free for the top 2 images, $10 per images after. 8-1/2" x 11" prints are $15 each.

Package Cost

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Images will be edited and posted to your gallery within 24 hours.

Schedule your Session:

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Headshot Examples:

“The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.”

— Andy Warhol

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