Corporate Headshots

The Powerful CEO

A good headshot portrays trust and approachability

Body pointed toward light, look at camera, follow the 13 steps below - the Headshot Dirty Dozen.

Headshots in Everett Washington

Headshot Dirty Dozen

How to pose for a killer headshot...

  1. Show your Best Side (right, left, up/down, down/up)
  2. Point your body toward the Key Light – don’t be flat – ( I will identify the Key Light, but it is usually 45 degrees to your left )
  3. Face to camera. Look at camera, not beyond
  4. Straighten your back
  5. Keep your head straight – no tilting allowed
  6. Turtle (stick your neck out and forward – like a turtle, it tightens the neck)
  7. Forehead down (not tilted up nor down), chin back
  8. Squinch (raise lower eyelid, almost squint)
  9. Hold the sub (act as if your are holding a 2-footlong submarine sandwich; it slims your arms...)
  10. Smile – or not – but always smile with your eyes
  11. Look incredulous (unwilling or unable to believe)
  12. Display your attributes (convey that you are approachable and trustworthy)
  13. Have fun...

If you have bad results - blame the photographer! To help - constant feedback is key... and we offer a feedback system... Together we will succeed

Posing Videos


(Courtesy of Christine Le)

Half Body Poses

Half Body

Instagam Pose

Body at 45 degrees
Look at camera
Hands relaxed
Form triangles with arms and legs

Creative portraits
Half Body

Hands on Hips

Hands on hips
Body in slight S-curve
again, triangles

Half Body

Playing with Hair

Make your hair the center of attention

Half Body Pose


Laugh hard, then crack up

Forced laughing will be phony, so force laugh until you crack up ... into a real smile

Half Body

Hands on Head

Body at angle, arms in triangles,.

Look at camera - or away

Full Body Posing

Full Body Pose

In Motion

Travel - or take a step forward

Full Body

Using Props

Hold something - a cup, a flower... anything

Weight on back leg, move front leg forward - toes pointed naturally

An Everett portrait
Full Body

One Leg in Front

In motion

Remember the triangles and the S-curve

Engage with the camera

Full Body

Stepping Forward

Wieght on back leg.

Relaxed with one leg forward, hand on hips

Posture like your friend just appeared... Hello

Sex in Seattle
a leg up in Everett, a portrait
Full Body

One Leg Up

Curves and triangles, look over shoulder.

Vary your hands

Sitting Poses

Sitting Pose

Sitting on Floor

Sit on floor, legs near chest.

Angles - arms and legs

Remember what's closest to the camera looks bigger

Seattle Portraiture
Sitting Pose

One leg down. One leg up

It's all the angles, frame your face. Look engaged

Sitting Pose

On Bench

Look relaxed, sit back and relax. Look engaged.

Also a good pose for guys.

Sitting Pose

Sitting Open

Sit on the edge. Alternate legs, hands, etc.

Other Posing

The S-Curve

Pose with class

Starting with the tilt of the head and progressing to the curve of the torso that is caused by placing the weight on the left hip, the pose ends with the lower right leg angled in a way that duplicates the angled tilt of her head.

It’s easy to see why it’s called the “S” curve.

I'm waiting

Capturing your persona...

I'm listening

Relaxed and engaged

Portrait Photographer in Everett Washington
I am in control

Looking Dramatic

Looking out the window

Pondering the future

Documenting your life. Reflecting on the future...

Creative Portraits

Other Resources


Think about variations around each pose:

1)     Move hands

2)     Move feet

3)     Move head

4)     Twist body

Adopt a mantra

Think about using a mantra, something you can say to yourself. Something simple like: hand, hand, foot, hand, foot, head, hand, twist 15. 

As an example: using the Hands on Hips pose:

1)     After 3 flashes: move one hand (i.e. move one hand up the body from hip to waste, pose using triangles)

2)     After 3 flashes: move another hand (i.e. move lower hand to play with the hair)

3)     After 3 flashes: move a foot

4)     After 3 flashes: move hands back to the original position (with foot in new location)

5)     After 3 flashes: move hands, again (move hands back to the original position)

6)     After 3 flashes: move your head

7)     After 3 flashes: move hands, again (move to waste or head)

8)     After 3 flashes: twist 15 degrees

9)     Start over: move to the original position (but at 15 degrees), then start the sequence again

Dramatic: in Color or Black & White

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